Our Mission

We believe in providing all deserving students in India with the best curriculum and pedagogy along with the highest quality of education in coaching the students for competitive examinations and Generating excellence both in academic and competitive aspects thereby training the youth for most grueling entrance level exams viz. IIT-JEE/Engg.(Main), JEE (Advance),Medical entrance, NTSE, KVPY and various Olympiads.

Our Vision

Generating excellence in academic, exploring creative areas of the dormant self, nurturing talent & aptitude & including perseverance among the students to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in the field of competitive examinations.

Our Teaching Methodology

Commonly used teaching methods may include class participation, demonstration, recitation, memorization, or combinations of these. The choice of teaching method or methods to be used depends largely on the information or skill that is being taught, and it may also be influenced by the aptitude and enthusiasm of the students.

All students regardless of their levels can benefit from the improved study techniques. Keeping in mind the need of students the Edunova facilitates the following learning methods.

  • Class room learning program.
  • Class discussion conducted by teacher.
  • Student reports by individuals performance analysis of each student subject wise.
  • Reading assignments in supplementary books.
  • Simplified and result-oriented study material.


  • Striving for the best possible education to ambitious students aspiring to join corporate world as medical professionals.
  • Creating a comprehensive understanding of the subjects & help developing strategies to meet arduous competitions among the students to match, excel & ameliorate the competition oriented education.
  • Understanding the power of mind and Utilising positive thinking for excellence.
  • Utilising visualisation and affirmations for achieving excellence and Applying innovative learning techniques.